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Artefino offers composite wood profiles for facades, linings, decking and other outdoor and interior solutions for commercial and housing buildings. Our Company offers a complete engineering and assistance for resolving all matters arising in the course of work – from the design to the execution of your project.

The products of Artefino are the perfect alternative of natural wood, as it surpasses its characteristics – it is not affected by moisture, water, sun, insects and practically it does not require maintenance. This makes the Artefino products ideal for any application – for facades, decking, parking lot elements, swimming pools and all kind of premises that are in contact with water.

Artefino products are easy for installation and give you a chance to achieve a nice balance between the colors and materials of the building façade and the outdoor pavement and those of the interior elements and accents, while all these will not cause additional costs or treatment of the products.


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Our products guarantee water-tightness, fire-resistance, weather condition-resistance, easy installation and very good physical properties. They also enjoy a wide range of applications and are suitable for both interior and exterior use. They can be installed directly on the façade or used as decking for terraces, balconies, garden lanes, sites around swimming pools, piers and different types of structures, related to landscape engineering..

We offer delivery, installation and complete engineering, to help you for an easier and more convenient use of the installations.

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