Composite wood has various applications:

Façade solutions

Façade lining
Decorative façade profiles

Interior solutions

Interior lining
Decorative profiles for interior lining


Fences and railings

Pergolas and garden facilities

Façade solutions

Façade lining:

Artefino’s system for decorative and plain lining of facades allows quick installation and a variety of solutions, combining the beauty of natural wood and the durability of composite wood..

Decorative façade profiles:

Artefino Artefino offers various composite wood profiles with which you can decorate your facade, design shady corners of your terrace or replace blinds. With a combination of different Artefino profiles you can create original premium facade solutions to grant your building a unique style and distinguish it from all other buildings.

Interior solutions

Interior lining:

The Artefino system allows installation both on walls and on ceilings, which makes them an ideal solution for your interior. The water resistance of Atrefino products is the perfect solution for any odd designs, where natural wood would not last.

Decorative interior profiles:

Like the facade profiles, the decorative interior profiles of Artefino are widely used – 3D wall breaking up, pre-wall cladding with the possibility of hidden lighting, lattice partition walls for forming of different sections in large rooms, etc.


Artefino offers decking for gardens, terraces, sun-bathing areas around swimming pools, etc. The advantage of the composite decking is absolute – it does not require annual maintenance with paint or varnish, does not distort over time, does not change color, does not crack and is insect-resistant. The different size of composite profiles provides a large variety of options when choosing decking while the installation system offers both direct installation and installation with supports (raised floor).